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Poster for the exhibition at Paris' Musée Maillol

Russian Avant-Garde Art: The Georges Costakis Collection

by Jessica WELDHEN

Le Musée Maillol is currently showing an impressive capsule collection of over 200 pieces from the prestigious Costakis collection, in what could be seen as a nostalgic nod back to Russian art in the early 20th century. ‘L’Avant-Garde dans la Collection Costakis’ features key pieces of 1920s Russian abstract art from a collection which was patiently and passionately built up over the years by Georges Costakis, a chauffeur for the Canadian Embassy in Moscow.

This is the first time that the collection has been shown in France, and it has made quite an impression since it opened last November. Fans of cubist and futurist art will certainly appreciate the abstract nature of Solomon Nikritin’s work in this exhibition, and a particular highlight are the numerous pieces by Ljubov Popova, whose work embraced the changes that Russia went through during her lifetime.

Strict restrictions on free expression were imposed in Russia between 1934 and 1972, but the creative freedom that reined either side of the period produced such a rich diversity of vibrant works that many of them still look radical today. This exhibition is a panoramic visual experience that represents the continuous evolution of the Russian art scene, and allows you to rediscover 20th century art from an exceptional new perspective.

(6th November 2008 – 2nd March 2009, Musée Maillol-Fondation Dina Vierny, 61 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, France)

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