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A building by Gaudi

Barcelona: Location, Creation and Recreation, by Fiona Lazareff

Barcelona’s Mediterranean setting means that it’s a relaxing place to be whatever the time of the year. Even in the week before Christmas there’s a good chance you’ll be able to have lunch outside and the evenings are pleasantly warm allowing you to stroll around the busy streets where shop and restaurants stay busy until close on midnight.

Just as important as the setting and the climate is the scale of creativity. Gaudi's extraordinarily original buildings, the Miro Foundation and the Picasso museum suggest that Barcelona has always nurtured the creative. Today the tradition continues with streets vibrating with stores offering original design in everything from clothes to home furnishings. And the fact that hotel rooms, restaurant meals, taxis and shopping are all considerably cheaper than in most other European capitals makes Barcelona an even more attractive place to go to.
Las Ramblas

Where to Stay and What to do

The focal point of the city for a tourist is the Plaza de Catalunya, so whatever happens don't allow anyone to persuade you to stay in a hotel which isn't fairly close to it. The street running down to the sea; Las Ramblas is quite touristy and a bit run down- the equivalent of Oxford Street or the Champs Elysées, but it is still the artery of the city, bustling with life with street musicians, painters, human statues flower stalls and bird sellers.

Apart from visiting the main museums and sites which we mention below, you should check out what else is happening on
If you want to too buy football tickets, you will defintiely have to book them in advance.
And opera lovers should certainly book tickets for The Gran Teatre del Liceu on Las Ramblas.
A street in the Gothic Area

The Gothic Area

On the left hand side of La Ramblas (as you go towards the port) is the oldest and most attractive part of the city, with its narrow winding streets bulging with small shops, bars and restaurants. This is known as the Gothic Area. As you get closer to the port, the area becomes quite seedy. But when you cross the Via Laietana heading towards the Picasso museuem, it becomes less touristy and more original.

One Of Gaudi's houses on the Passeig de Gracia

The Carré d'Or

Apart from the Gothic area where you can spend several hours wandering, eating, drinking and shopping, the two streets going north from the Plaza de Catalunya; the Passeig de Gracia, and the Rambla Catalunya, have some great shops and restaurants and the streets between them too, earning the area the name “Carré d’Or”. The Passeig de Gracia also includes some of the best examples of “Modernista”, the Catalan version of Art Nouveau architecture. Besides the Gaudi buildings, look out for Pig I Cadafalch and Domenech and Montaner who built houses for the rich Catalan bourgeosie in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The area around the port is also attractive for a stoll and for bars and restaurants.
(see below).
Gaudi's Segrada Cathedral

Site Seeing

The main stamping ground as you can see is easy to handle. But you will have to venture a bit further to see some of Gaudi's buildings, and to visit the Miro Fondation (and perhaps at the same time, the Museo nacional de d'Art de Catalaunya, which is just next door). The Miro Fondation and Gaudi's buildings are both a must even for the most shameless Philistine.

The best way to do this, if you have the time to spare, is to take the tourist bus. The Barcelona Bus Turistica. It has three different routes and 42 different stops. If the weather is good, so much the better: you can go on the top and get a bird's eye view of the main sites of the city. The route going north stops at most of the Gaudi marvels. The Sagrada cathedral which was unfinished, at his death, but is being completed with the help of donations is probably his most astonishing work.

To book your tickets in advance
Park Guell

More Gaudi

Further on you will see the Musica Catalan and the Park Guell.
But be warned: you'll need several hours if you want to cover the three circuits which they propose. And of course you have to allow time each time you get off the bus to see something.
So you'll probably need almost two full days to do two circuits and get off to explore let’s say seven or eight of the most interesting “attractions”.
If time is scarce it's probably best to use taxis for at least part of the visit. Taxis are generally easy to get, cheap and their drivers are friendly and honest. Even if not many of them speak English, a finger and a map will usually get the required results.

Miro sculpture

Fondation Miro

If you don't have time to do the circuit which takes you up north of the city to see Gaudi's works and then to go right round to the east of the city to the Miro Foundation, take a taxi directly there. The foundation is on a hill which soars above the city and is a vast light building, a perfect place to make the most of his works.

Most of the stuff here is familiar: paintings and sculptures with “eyeballs”, “tadpoles” and small triangles, connected by thin lines, but there are a few really eye-catching pieces such as the huge tapestry in the entrance which was designed especially for the space: a superb nude in room 2, as well as some Neo-impressionist landscapes and some naïve paintings (The Eglesia y elpueblo) in room 16. In room 17 you'll see that Miro had a sense of humour: the lithograph “Mujer desnuda subienda la escalera” is just like a cartoon. The same humour is evident among the sculptures on the huge terrace which has a fabulous view over the city.

If you have more time to spare, the Museo Nacional d'Art de Catalunya which is just next door, really does deserve a visit.


The Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona

To get back to the city, take the funicular, just opposite the Miro Foundation. It’ll take you about five minutes to get down and you’ll arrive fairly close to the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona which has a good range of weird and wonderful arts in it. This brings you back to the within a close walk to the Plaza Catalunya and Las Ramblas.
La Seu Cathedral

Where to Stay

Hotel Colon

The most atmospheric part of the city is around the Cathedral in the Gothic Area but sadly there are very few hotels in this part of town. Our favourite is Hotel Colon. It’s a family run hotel with 145 rooms, all decorated in a traditional somewhat old-fashioned style. Try to book a room overlooking the cathedral and the surrounding square. It’s a sheer joy to wake in the morning and open the shutters to gaze across to the cathedral with the square in between. Most importantly the square and the surrounding streets are pedestrian walkways so the view is both peaceful and majestic.

The Colon has attracted many celebrities in the past including Joan Miro, Hemingway, Jean Paul Sartre, Steven King, Sofia Loren and Francis Ford Coppola.

Bedroom at the Hotel Colon

Bedrooms at the Hotel Colon

Each room has a bathroom with hair dryer, bathrobe and slippers, safe box, mini bar, satellite TV, pay TV, heating, air conditioning, telephone, and secured high speed internet access. Some of them have balconies.
Picasso Museum

Exploring the area around the hotel

The first thing to do is to have a wander around the area surrounding the hotel. This is the loveliest part of Barcelona, so make the most of it.
The most important tourist attraction is probably the Picasso Museum which is a ten minute walk away.
Santa Maria

The Church of Santa Maria

Also worth a visit is the Frederic Mares collection (just behind the Cathedral) and the History Museum of Barcelona. The port is also a quick stroll away (about 15 minutes walk) where you’ll find lots of attractive bars and restaurants. Also don’t forget to take a peak into the Church of Santa Maria, famous for its beautiful bell tower.

For more information or to book this hotel:
Tel: 34-93-318-98-58
Fax: 34-93-317-28-22

The Lobby

Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel

If you crave large spaces and light, this is the hotel for you. Congratulations if it reminds you of the Pyramid of the Louvre, because it too was built by Pei. But be warned you might feel disappointed on arrival: First of all the hotel is not right in the heart of the old part of the city- it’s a taxi cab drive away, so the drawback is that you can’t just amble out of the hotel and get lost in the charming streets around you as you can if you stay in El Colon, or The Meridien. To make matters worse, the entrance hall is alarmingly cold on arrival, with the reception (and the receptionist) belittled by the soaring glass roof construction. But don't worry it quickly grows on you.
A bedroom

The Bedrooms

Your room might give you a shock too- especially if you’re used to the thick pile wall to wall carpeting, heavy curtains and upholstered furniture common to most 5* hotels. But the chances are that very quickly you will begin to appreciate the wide open spaces, the bare floor boards and the sparse furnishings. Above all you’ll be struck by the light and the view of the sea: both are simply everywhere.
Not surprisingly all the rooms have the usual mod cons, and some of them even have private terraces too. Don’t forget to insist on a room with a sea view.

Sea Views from the Grand Marina

Gymnasium, Jacuzzi.......

There are other real plusses here: the sensational gymnasium and Jacuzzi where you are surrounded by the sea; and the open air swimming pool, and a closebye terrace for eating and drinking. The restaurant, delightfully decorated and filled with light is a fabulous place to have breakfast, which is pretty important considering you can’t go elsewhere. But for other meals it’s best to wander over to the side of the port where there is an abundant selection of heavenly Mediterranean style seafood restaurants
The fact that the hotel is a bit out on a limb, becomes quickly inconsequential, since there is always a line of taxis outside the lobby which will get you the heart of the action in five minutes.

The Meridien Hotel

Le Meridien Hotel

The Meridien, more or less on Las Ramblas is the only really top class hotel in the heart of the action. The Ramblas is lined with buildings ranging from the Palau Moja, a neo-classicial palace (at no 118), the Palau de La Virreina, a palace destined to be the residence of the Viceroy of Peru (at No 99) and the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona’s best opera house (No 61-65) to name just a few. But the chances are you won’t notice the beautiful facades immediately because Las Ramblas is so full of movement and colour: apart from the strolling crowds, there are flower stall and bird sellers and just a quick stroll up towards the Plaza del Catalunya there is a bustling market jam-packed with fruit and vegetable sellers.

The Presidential Suite

Hotel Rooms

The hotel itself is the ultimate in comfort; with beautifully decorated rooms each one unique, luscious quantities of heavy fabrics, super-thick carpets, marble bathrooms and service which is faultless.

The presidential suite at the top of the hotel offers a mind boggling 180° view over the surrounding area and some of the other rooms have terraces where you can bask in the city's enviable climate. The hotel's restaurant, el Patio, with its Mediterranean cooking is a favourite among the city's businessmen. In the evening you can head to the piano bar for *bleep*tails and live music.
The Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite at the top of the hotel has a mind boggling 180° view over the surrounding area and some of the other rooms have terraces where you can bask in the city's enviable climate. The hotels restaurant, El Patio, with its Mediterranean cooking is a favourite among the citys businessmen. In the evening you can head for the piano bar for *bleep*-tails and live music.

Although it's difficult to imagine how the hotel could be more conmfortable and stylish, it's currently undergoing a €32million refurbishment which will be finished by Spring 2007.
In the meantime fear not, you wouldn't no anything was going on.

For more information and to book:

Le Meridien Barcelona,
Ramblas 111
Barcelona 08002
+ 34 93 318 6200
The Hotel Majestic lobby

The Majestic Hotel

Just a ten minute walk from the madding crowd is the Majestic Hotel on the wide, impressive Passeig de Gracia.
The entire hotel has been entrirely redone recently and certainly lives up to its name, with its huge sparkling marble lobby.
Bedroom at The Majestic

The Rooms

Behind the neo-classical facade are 303 rooms and suites with a chic, sobre, somewhat masculine slant to them. Plenty of celebs have dropped by; including Jean Paul Belmondo, Catherine Deneuve, Milos Forman, Vargas Llosa or even the Dalai Lama.
Each room has all the usual mod cons as well as a beautifully designed bathroom and your stay includes as many visits as you can fit in to the gymn and the swimming pool.

The Pool at The Majestic

For more information and to book:
Majestic Hotel
P. de Gracia, 68
Tel: 34 93 488 17 17

Where to Eat

Gourmets will certainly not be disappointed with Barcelona, which is bulging with restaurants, many of them creative from both an aesthetic and culinary point of view. Not surprisingly the food has a strong Mediterranean slant. Sea food lovers will be in seventh heaven.

In the big hotels you will find Michelin star restaurants (one at The Majestic: Drolma (with Fermi Puig) and one at The Ritz. There are also The Gaig (Carles Gaig), The Abac (with Xavier Pellicer), Neichel (Jean-Louis Neichel), Jean Luc Figueras (of the same name) and El Racod’en Freixa (with Ramon Freixa).

But Barcelona is rather better known for its appetizers or Tapas. A favourite place to enjoy an aperitif is La Vinya del Senyor (see details below), just opposite the gates to the Gothic paradise of Santa Maria del Mar. This is the perfect place to order a glass (or bottle ) of wine and nibble on some foie gras with walnut bread, a small serving of peas from Llavaneres and some secallonas (cured sausages).

For Tapas we recommend:
Cerveceria Catala, Paca Meralgo (c/Munkiner) Calpep,
Estrella de Plata, Santa Maria and Comerç 24. (For details see below).

For Sea food: Botafurmeiro, Can Majo and Barceloneta ( both on the port)
Typical Food: 4 Gats (For details see below)

Cutting Edge Food: (contemporary catalan cuisine: degreased and demystified!):
Hisop, Sauc, Alkimia, Valnenti Ot and Colibrii (For details see below)

View from Barceloneta


L’escar 22, Moll des Pescadors
Tel 93 221 21 11
Lunch 1pm-4pm
Dinner 8.30pm-1pm
Open very day of the year.

This is certainly one of Barcelona’s best restaurants and the only criticism seems to be that it does attract a lot of tourists and businessmen. The light airy décor and scrubbed wooden floors combined with generously sized and spaced tables with starched white table clothes is as impeccable as the food. The terrace which runs the length of the restaurant (which is on the first floor) and overlooks the harbour is the best place to sit if it’s not too hot or too windy. Otherwise book a table overlooking the terrace. Be careful: if you don’t specify that you want a good table overlooking the harbour, you’ll be given a fairly miserable table.

The menu has plenty of choice with mothwatering appetizers if you want to munch on something while looking at the menu. Starters range from €12.90 for grilled coques to € 24.90 for shrimp beignet.
Cold entrées include a good selection of salads from €9-12. Hot starters include Fish Soup (€10) and fresh calamar and crevette in garlic (€19.75)
For the main course, Paella ( a typical Spanish dish) is available at €16.40. Fish and seafood includes almost every type of Mediterranean fish at an average price of €22)
There’s also a separate “in season” menu with items such as oysters and asparagus.
Wine comes by the glass or the bottle The white house Chardonnay being €2.70 a glass or €11.95 a bottle and the Rioja €4.90 a glass or €24.10 a bottle. For connoisseurs of Spanish wine is an expansive and very reasonably priced wine list.

Gaig Restaurant Barcelona


Cuisine: Author | Price: > 60 € | Zone: Horta - Guinardó
Address: Pg. de Maragall, 402 | Post code/Zip code: 08031 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 934 291 017 | Fax: 934 297 002 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1.30pm.-4pm. / 9pm.-11pm.
Closes: Monday and holidays evening
Holidays: Easter, 3 weeks in August and from December 24th to January 2nd
Wheelchair accessible: No

An old coachmen's tavern from 1869 is now one of the city's great gastronomic showpieces. Its quality and originality have earned it a coveted Michelin star. Master chef Carles Gaig offers a constantly updated cuisine that is solidly rooted in tradition. Every choice on the menu (especially including the rice dishes) is a culinary festival. Excellent cigars in the house's own humidor.

Abac restaurant


Cuisine: Author | Price: > 60 € | Zone: Ciutat Vella
Address: Rec, 79-89 | Post code/Zip code: 08003 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 933 196 600 | Fax: 933 194 519 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1.30pm.-3.45pm. / 8.30pm.-10.45pm.
Closes: Monday lunchtime and Sunday
Holidays: 3 weeks in August and the 2nd week in January
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

A carefully selected menu in which the most traditional Catalan specialities are updated with a masterful touch. Its tempting culinary proposals can be enjoyed in a setting with a minimal design, located in the picturesque Ribera quarter. This restaurant is run by master chef Xavier Pellicer, who learned his trade at the famous Can Fabes.

Cal Pep

Cal Pep

Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean, Traditional | Price: 40 - 60 € | Zone: Ciutat Vella
Address: Pl. de les Olles, 8 | Post code/Zip code: 08003 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 933 107 961 | Fax: 933 105 670 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1.30pm.-4pm. / 8pm.-11.30pm.
Closes: Monday on lunchtime, Sunday and holidays
Holidays: August and Easter
Wheelchair accessible: No

The success of this establishment is based on its seafood offering. Here you can enjoy very fresh shellfish and fish that are cooked in view of the public. It has the most popular bar counter in El Born district and a set-price menu of traditional cuisine at lunch time.

Can Majo

Can Majo

Cuisine: Catalan, Seafood | Price: 40 - 60 € | Zone: Ciutat Vella
Address: Almirall Aixada, 23 | Post code/Zip code: 08003 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 932 215 455 / 932 215 818 | Fax: 932 215 455 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1pm.- 4pm. / 8.30pm.- 11.30pm.
Closes: Sunday evening and Monday
Holidays: Never closes
Wheelchair accessible: No

Mediterranean shellfish and delectable rice dishes to be enjoyed right by the beach. Quality and tradition in the Barceloneta quarter, in a simple pleasant ambience. Other excellent dishes on the menu include tasty fish (especially cod), fried foods and much more. In the summer months you can dine outdoors on its very pleasant terrace.

Comerç 24

Comerç 24

Cuisine: Author, Tapas | Price: 40 - 60 € | Zone: Ciutat Vella
Address: Comerç, 24 | Post code/Zip code: 08003 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 933 192 102 | Fax: 932 683 957 | e-mail:
Opening time: 1.30pm.- 4pm. / 7.30pm.-1am.
Closes: Sunday and Monday
Holidays: 15 days in August
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

The striking interior decor dominated by tones of red and black forms the setting for the minimal cuisine of Carles Abellán. At this restaurant, "tapas" and titbits make up a long unforgettable menu that reflects this great chef's mastery, turning each bite into a festival of the senses.

La Vinya del Senyor

La Vinya del Senyor

Cuisine: Tapas, Still and sparkling wines | Price: 20 - 40 € | Zone: Ciutat Vella
Address: Pl. de Santa Maria, 5 | Post code/Zip code: 08003 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 933 103 379 | Fax: 932 683 157
Opening time: 12pm.-1am.
Closes: Monday
Holidays: Never closes
Wheelchair accessible: No



Cuisine: Author | Price: > 60 € | Zone: Ciutat Vella
Address: Riera Alta, 33-35 | Post code/Zip code: 08001 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 934 432 306 / 934 426 127 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1.45pm.-3.30pm. / 8.45pm. -11.15pm.
Closes: Sunday and holidays. Saturday on July and August.
Holidays: 3 weeks in August
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Deliciously creative Mediterranean cooking. Run by master chef César Pastor and his sister, pastry chef Remedios Pastor, this restaurant offers a high level of culinary excellence. Try its risotto with truffle, bonito tuna carpaccio, or jumbo prawns fried in batter with nuts, among other appetizing dishes of modern cuisine. Outstanding wine list, very professional service.

Santa Maria Restaurant Barcelona

Santa Maria

Cuisine: Author | Price: 20 - 40 € | Zone: Ciutat Vella
Address: Comerç, 17 | Post code/Zip code: 08003 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 933 151 227 | Fax: 932 681 565 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1.30pm.-3.30pm. / 8.30pm.-12am.
Closes: Sunday and Monday
Holidays: From August 10th to 25th
Wheelchair accessible: No

At this restaurant near El Born district, you can enjoy refined cooking in a youthful ambience. Prepared in small appetizing portions by chef Paco Guzmán, the delicious culinary proposals range from traditional Catalan gastronomy to Oriental dishes.

Alkimia Restaurant Barcelona


Cuisine: Author | Price: > 60 € | Zone: Eixample
Address: Indústria, 79 | Post code/Zip code: 08025 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 932 076 115
Opening time: 1.30pm.-3.30pm. /9pm.-11pm.
Closes: Saturday lunchtime, Sunday and holidays.
Holidays: 3 weeks in August and Easter
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Traditional dishes are masterfully re-interpreted here by the young but highly acknowledged chef Jordi Vilà, who uses special avant-garde methods to enhance aromas and tastes. The tremendous personality of his cooking has made Alkimia a gastronomic reference in Barcelona. Good wine list and professional service.

Drolma Restaurant,  Hotel Majestic, Barcelona


Cuisine: Author | Price: > 60 € | Zone: Eixample
Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 68. Hotel Majestic | Post code/Zip code: 08007 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 934 967 710 | Fax: 934 453 893 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1pm.-3.30pm. / 8.30pm.-11pm.
Closes: Sunday
Holidays: Never closes
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

This superb restaurant is located in the elegant Hotel Majestic. Its high-level gastronomic offering is the work of master chef Fermí Puig, whose cooking is based on flavourful ingredients of exquisite quality. His dishes are traditional in essence but modern in appearance. Magnificent interior decor, excellent wine list and highly professional service.

Placo Meralgo restaurant Barcelona

Placo Meralgo

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Tapas | Price: 20 - 40 € | Zone: Eixample
Address: Muntaner, 171 | Post code/Zip code: 08036 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 934 309 027 | Fax: 933 221 507 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1pm.-4pm./ 8pm.-12.30am.
Closes: Open daily
Holidays: Never closes
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

The delicious titbits here are served in small portions so that diners can enjoy a gastronomic tour of all Spain's regions without leaving this spacious and very pleasant establishment. Octopus "a feira", cakebread, "sea and mountain" brochettes, open sandwiches of marinated pork loin, white Southern prawns, red Palamós prawns, red mullet, squid, and much more.

Sauc Restaurant, Barcelona


Cuisine: Author | Price: 40 - 60 € | Zone: Eixample
Address: Ptge. de Lluís Pellicer, 12, baixos | Post code/Zip code: 08036 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 933 210 189 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1.30pm.-3.30pm. / 8.30pm-10.30pm.
Closes: Holidays and Mondays lunchtime (Summer)
Holidays: 2nd week of January and 3 weeks in August
Wheelchair accessible: No

Another new spot on Barcelona's gourmet scene. Chef Xavier Franco creates a very interesting line of cooking based on traditional flavours with a modern look. Maîtresse d'hôtel Anna Doñate stands ready to advise diners on the best bottles from the excellent wine list.

Hisop Resttaurant Barcelona


Cuisine: Author | Price: 40 - 60 € | Zone: Sarrià - Sant Gervasi
Address: Ptge. de Marimon, 9 | Post code/Zip code: 08021 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 932 413 233 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1.30pm.-3.30pm. / 9pm.-11pm.
Closes: Saturday lunchtime and Sunday
Holidays: From August 10th to 25th
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

A culinary revolution. Delicious cooking with totally innovative avant-garde tastes. Young professional service in a small but extremely pleasant dining room. The team formed by Oriol Ivern, Guillem Pla and Miguel Murgui is an assurance of quality at this restaurant.

Botafumeiro Restaurant Barcelona


Cuisine: Seafood, Traditional, Galician | Price: > 60 € | Zone: Gràcia
Address: Gran de Gràcia, 81 | Post code/Zip code: 08012 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 932 184 230 / 932 179 642 | Fax: 932 171 305 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 1pm.-1am. Nonstop
Closes: Open daily
Holidays: Never closes
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

This is perhaps the most celebrated Galician restaurant in Barcelona. It offers the best seafood cuisine, made from fresh ingredients direct from the "rias" of Galicia. Traditional dishes, a broad variety of shellfish and fish, rice dishes, paellas, "fideuá" noodle casseroles and succulent meats. You can also sample half-servings of its many delectable dishes at the tasting counter.

Jean Luc Figueras Restaurant Barcelona

Jean Luc Figueras

Cuisine: Author | Price: > 60 € | Zone: Gràcia
Address: Santa Teresa, 10 | Post code/Zip code: 08012 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 934 152 877 | Fax: 932 189 262 | e-mail:
Opening time: 1.30pm.-4pm. / 8.30pm.-11pm.
Closes: Sunday
Holidays: Never closes
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Installed in an elegant two-story mansion just a few steps away from the crossing of Barcelona's Passeig de Gràcia and Avinguda Diagonal, this restaurant forms a showcase for the creativity of master chef Jean Luc Figueras. This prominent culinary figure offers exquisite Catalan-French cuisine with fascinating innovations.

Neichel Restaurant, Barcelona


Cuisine: Author, French | Price: > 60 € | Zone: Les Corts
Address: Beltran i Rózpide, 1-5 | Post code/Zip code: 08034 | Town: Barcelona | Phone: 932 038 408 | Fax: 932 056 369 | e-mail: | website:
Opening time: 13pm.-3.30pm. / 8.30pm.-10.45pm.
Closes: Sunday and Monday
Holidays: August
Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Jean-Louis Neichel has set new standards in modern French cooking with Mediterranean touches. This restaurant is a classic of Barcelona and no gourmet should miss it. Magnificent cheese and dessert carts, great wine list, and an excellent staff of professionals under the direction of Evelin, an outstanding maîtresse d'hôtel.


Getting there and getting around

Getting there and getting around
Vueling a relatively new low-cost airline. It flys every day from and to Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Malaga, Lisbon, Ibiza, Minorca, Amsterdam, Alicante, Santiago …
In the future, thery expect to fly to other cities in Spain and Western Europe such as Granada and Athens.

The airline has a very good record with respect to time keeping. In fact make sure that you're there well in advance, as 40 minutes before the flight, the check in closes down - with no exceptions made!

Unlike many other low cost airlines the aircraft are new, with comfortable leather seats and the compnay has solid financial backing.

The online booking system is simple to use and the staff are helpful and efficient.

For more information or to book

Or call:
Vueling Reservation Center:
Spain: 902 33 39 33
Italy: 800 78 77 88
France: 0800 90 54 61
Portugal: 800 834 201
Belgium: 0800 71 861
Netherlands: 0800 022 1319
From 07:00 to 00:00 any day of the week

Getting Around: The airport is only 15km from the city centre and the traffic is usually light making the trip around 20 minutes at a cost of approximately 15 euros in a taxi.
In the city both tubes and buses work well. They are clean and efficient and a single ticket costs €1.15. If you are traveling a lot it is worth asking about travel passes in one of the underground stations.



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